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tv   [untitled]    December 8, 2011 1:00am-1:30am EST

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the fact and fiction of russia's rallies election marches take a twist in foreign news coverage with fox news rolling using of the greek riots. future security at stake has russia and nato be tackled bottle sticking points like european sound effects on the prevention of libya style military interventions. last currency crunch time for the euro leaders are both up their sleeves and prepared to slug it out to solve the debt crisis once and for all of the bitter pill may be too hard for some to swallow.
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on air and online twenty four hours a day this is r t welcome to the program. news bulletins around the world have been following russia's election rallies but one channel stands out america's fox news has been sharing streets ablaze clashes in far bombs thrown at security offices with one major problem the images are not from russia they're from greece. has been watching. america has its fair share of protests and political dissent to be dealing with instead of keeping an eye on the ball the country's mass media machine has turned to protests in russia and dropped the ball on reporting the facts. the protesters have gathered at moscow's lashing out against prime minister
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vladimir putin and his russian party the only problem is that this video is not from russia fox news channel aired a video of fires and chaos in athens convincing viewers that this mayhem is playing out in moscow the fair and balanced network paid no mind to the greek lettering in the background in case you're wondering it says greek national bank what matters is that this is what moscow protests have looked like it's not surprising whatsoever that at the moment that there would be any kind of protest no matter how small it be in russia against the russian government that it would be greatly exaggerated in media and used by the u.s. government as well as a way to try to somehow push for a change in russia that would be more favorable to u.s. interests journalist and author eva golinger believes mass media is washington's most valuable weapon in encouraging revolt elsewhere under the mantle of spreading democracy such as the so-called orange revolution in ukraine. or ruse
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revolution in georgia. most of the time those media reports are not for the country themselves they're for the international community so that somehow internationally a perception is created that something is happening in the country that's not right and that the government is somehow responsible and so therefore if that government ends up being removed it somehow is justified that you know the media has played a key role in creating a justification for regime change similar anti-government demonstrators have been reported and other city in russia u.s. . leaders have leveled harsh criticism against russia in the aftermath of sunday's parliamentary election and critics say its free press has worked to reinforce the narrative the media tends to march in lockstep with the government tends to take its cues from the government it tends to you know mobilize its resources to
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showcase what the government says is true even when later it turns out not to be true as was the case in this erroneous c.n.n. report well in eastern russia more than three thousand people protested against proposed changes to the country's time zones the video shown by c.n.n. is not of protesters but rather of soccer fans writing in moscow over the killing of a fellow supporter the problem is that we showed the wrong pictures only after the error was repeatedly noticed c.n.n. owned up to its mistake and to apologize for the era and a great many russian viewers who've pointed out to us the sloppiness of it or is reflecting you know the lack of awareness of the journalists themselves many of them are completely uninformed about the world they have opinions that have no factual basis to him but it doesn't stop them because it's what looks good that matters more than what really is true the truth is that america has its own social economic and political challenges to be dealing with and while washington works on
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getting its own house in order powerful mass media outlets can work on getting their facts straight in a port nine or r.t. new york. now let's reveal what's really been happening in the past twenty four hours where both pro and anti-government activists have been marching in key cities in the wake of the parliamentary elections supporters of the majority united russia party gathered to show their loyalty and ronny in central moscow today to negate the opposition held its demonstrations in the capital and it's going to create an attractive few protesters in previous days but riot police were on standby dozens of people detained during unsanctioned protest the position of edges routine with its promise in the writings president has ordered all reports of election violations to be investigated. while the russian rallies go viral across u.s. mainstream media it means americans are getting food story of what's happening on
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the home front stay with r.t. for a firsthand reports has one hundred peaceful protesters arrested in washington and san francisco because the latest for you. russia's foreign minister is in belgium for the kremlin's latest push for security guarantees from nato for more on what's at stake his artie's tests are syria. russian and nato officials are meeting at a summit here in brussels the first of all they will be reviewing the progress of operations in afghanistan nato secretary general anders fogh rasmussen has reiterated the importance of the partnership between russia and nato special what it comes to stemming the flow of narcotics from afghanistan and other issues will be discussing is that of kossovo currently there are about five thousand five hundred peacekeeping troops over there and there have been plans to number in half by next year with those five hundred put on hold in light of the current situation very last few months we've seen clashes between calls with police and local serbs and so
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they will be assessing the situation in kosovo as well as about a summer one of the main points and sticky points of fact between russia and nato are the table is out of the missile defense system now this is going on for some time now both sides staged for him on their ground maintaining their position as nato reiterating that any plans to deploy any of these defense systems will not be directed against russia nor will it undermine russian capabilities or whatever russia has not been satisfied with this in the past russia had proposed joint russia nato defense system that had been refused view of that russia had been asking for a legally binding guarantee this actually just having those words of assurances on paper to satisfy moscow ever that has not been done and in response russia had put in place some military measures that moscow also said that it may be forced to deploy some a mortar to weapon systems if its concerns are not taken seriously both by nato and its allies namely the united states now be a permanent. representative to nato of russia as it had said that the talks at the
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summit will be quote rather serious and it's fair to say that we can expect just that. well with the absence of a. month in response to nato as missile defense. is not against the u.s. . washington seals deals with poland let me tell you in spain sentiments of nato system it's the white house once again by. some observers think it's appalling to see over. rice. the system won't provide any measure of protection against weapons in iran or north korea that they don't exist yet they might in the future but if they do we'll be able to defeat this system it's raising questions about what the u.s. long term intentions are and where where we be headed in the future and i i think it's a very good thing that russia stick you know harder line unless now i wish it would
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have done it sooner but better late and then later. because we certainly if the united states continues to go down the road was headed for trouble the real reasons that russia are concerned about this you have to do with the implications for a space down with the implications for future arms race that russia does not want to get into. plenty on life you to explore from past present and future including sealing the deal to the union pretty years ago today the agreement was signed and it is all new the historic change at r.t. dot com. also online some fashionable framing down japanese design. clothes colors turning his hand to paintings he's been exhibiting in moscow we have his works on our website.
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the survival is about to be determined as european leaders gather for a key summit later on thursday well exactly proposals from the french and german leaders which could radically change how the euro zone works strict budget discipline and that common corporation tax for the seventeen single currency members among the priorities and new rules are right on a wider kenyan and britain is threatening to veto anything which might damage to london's financial sector he was already on watch for further credit downgrades it leaders don't act decisively in the next forty eight hours there is a journalist turned gosling says that to escape route of brussels you states going back to their own currencies. i think ultimately it's quite clear to me the euro has been a failure and that the individual countries if they want to retain their sovereignty
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as i believe individual countries do then they're going to have to go back to their original country currencies the drachma to the to the etc and what we're discovering here i think is the playing out of a plot which has been going on for the last fifty years or so across europe which is in order to bring in a political union controlled from the center an undemocratic. expression of course we know that brussels is a very very little democracy involved in brussels which is a kind of european dictatorship but what bothers me is that actually we're already seeing this with greece and italy now run by goldman sachs effectively. as for what's going to happen the end of the week it's anyone's guess but i think we'll have another farge these big euro summit seem to me rather like press gangs where you've got a bunch of financial people just trying to bully our political representatives into signing on the dotted line or else well to get a firm grip on europe's debt and summits will giving brussels the power to impose
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austerity on bailed out countries that could deal of further blow to struggling southern europe which is suffering most in the crisis as millions of unemployed people in spain fight over what few jobs there are the young and talented are heading a broad political report. it starts off as a symbol to abroad for example to peru or argentina or elsewhere but once they get their name the spaniards realize there are a lot more parties for them outside spain and for them latin american and some european countries present a modern day eldorado more than one and a half million spaniards presently reside outside of spain according to the latest statistics a lot of them left in the last couple of years like marriage fell a journalist from madrid who moved to argentina two years ago like a moment already then people were losing jobs over my university friends either fired over looking for something new or watch their salaries being cut this is she sure is bad then now more than
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a year later it's even worse it's more than twenty four percent spain's unemployment rate is one of the highest in the eurozone paying a monthly mortgage bill is a challenge for many evictions have become an unfortunate but familiar sight no wonder many are starting to look for a way out of what seems to be a hopeless situation now people are taking a very bleak view of the medium and long term future and a lot of spaniards all looking at moving abroad and unfortunately for spain they seem to be precisely the kind of people who should be staying very well educated spaniard say under the age of forty or thirty five or so people who speak maybe two or three languages they might have a master's degree or even a doctorate and those kind of people don't see a future for themselves in spain as what is naturally if there are no jobs in spain people have to go elsewhere be that europe latin america in fact this situation in spain seems to be so desperate that even those who immigrated here several years
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ago likely galland jurists i know also packing their bags and heading back home. the catch twenty two is that spanish citizens also cannot find a job so they get the preference to say nothing of the immigrant workers but i mean it for many years we had a positive migration flow that is more people are coming in now it's negative each family may. their own reasons for leaving but i believe the economic crisis which is the main reason. at the or recent general elections saw the demise of the leftist socialist party who made way for the right wing people's party but mainly economists agree no matter who is in charge they will have to follow the thorny path of implementing more as thirty measures meaning the bright young things desperate for a job continue to seek opportunity elsewhere it in macos corti madrid. our struggle to get a head start is also being felt further east as we report later india's brightest and bonnets discover they need
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a foreign fallback as university places dry up. my . morning news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. trying to operations are all of that. thank.
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you. wealthy british. market. find out what's really happening to the global economy with. no holds barred look at the global financial headlines.
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thanking the u.s. more than one hundred corporate occupy protests have been arrested in san francisco and washington is the latest efforts by authorities to break up the movement which has been taking in across america for nearly three months. and witnessed the crackdown in the capital. as far as i could tell there were around four thousand people on the street minutes away from the white house over seventy protesters were arrested in total this wednesday in washington there was a girl in a wheelchair among them police stepped up arrest when protesters mostly young people blocked the road they were dragging them towards the police cars one person got nearly struck by a police force so seventy people arrested this is being the largest number of arrests in washington says the beginning of the occupy movement this was all
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happening on k. street which is known as the lobbyist street people were protesting what they see as widespread corruption in the government authorities there pretty much cracked down on this occupy movement against corporate greed and government complicity with little of each ns of demonstrators from their occupy locations in california and in new york police used tear gas on people pepper spray rubber bullets sound and keep in mind it's been largely a very peaceful movement around five thousand peaceful protesters have been arrested in the last three months across the united states probably any country doing that would be internationally reprimanded for violating human rights but that doesn't seem to be the case when it comes to the united states. some more world news for you down syria's president denies he ordered the deadly crackdown on protesters that's reportedly killed four thousand people across the country. to the
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claims during a rare interview to the american broadcaster he said he's not in charge of the security forces and gave no come on balance the u.n. report accuses officials and military of troops against syria has been hit by sanctions because of the ongoing violence and interest from its former turkey. afghanistan is blaming a pakistan based group for a string of bomb blasts that killed fifty nine people on tuesday. is promising to raise the issue with the pakistani leadership to have a tense relationship and pakistan is demanding evidence for the claims the most powerful of the three blasts targeted muslims from. the holy thing. going to tourist italian mafia boss has been arrested discovered in an underground bunker and. run sixty years earlier
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given multiple sentences for murder kidnapping drug trafficking it's been hailed as the end of the savage era. clan exert control over a wide area around the. india is one of the world's few growth countries and it's got a burgeoning middle class to match but there's only so much opportunity to go around especially when it comes to getting a top notch schooling for their children for many that means sending them abroad explains. with one point two billion people trying to make it to the top in india can be tough most indians believe that the key to success is getting a good education but with one of the fastest growing middle classes in the world more people than ever can afford a college degree meaning competition for spots at the top universities is fierce there are some schools which are just so you know academically oriented where you know in an extreme cases there's you know there's even suicides if you know the
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board exams if your results aren't you know a ninety nine percent plus percent entrance into india's colleges and universities is based solely on the results of a high school students board examinations this year students wouldn't even be considered for delhi university's commerce program unless they scored at least one hundred percent on their exams in a twist to india's traditional brain drain where india's top talent was looking to the u.s. or europe for better opportunities now india's smartest students are exploring the west as a backup plan if their dreams of getting into an indian institution don't work out so ironic because you know in the u.s. which is sort of like you know the go on for. amazing secondary that both studies i mean higher level studies is actually our safety. but it does happen and it's in fact not a possibility it's the problem molecule powell is applying early decision to princeton university in the united states she believes she actually has
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a better chance of getting into the ivy league american school than she does at being admitted to a prestigious indian one and the u.s. admission process is much more holistic in the admission process it's just one mock and in an interview experts in indian college admissions are also seeing the trend of indian students heading abroad out of need rather than desire they say that india needs to focus on a stablish in more higher education programs. students but even when i was in college sure here in india that i think there seem number of colleges would seem number of seats available the drop in the number of colleges and number of seeds has really not kept up with the growth in the population for now pallas focusing on her princeton application in the hope that if things go her way she won't even have to take the dreaded indian board examinations in the spring ideally i see myself in the us i know a lot of people who have been so relieved that they got there early decision and
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they just sort of slacked off when as far as the boards went and it was just as a relief that you know this they've got in placing her bets on the west to avoid the competition at home preassure either r t new delhi india he has had their latest business news. hello and very well welcome to the program markets here in russia struggled for direction on wednesday the big event at the end of the week is the e.u. summit investors a speculating well of the euro zone will push for a federalize you were state to do with the debt crisis meanwhile china is warning of a slowdown taking collectively economies deets of everyone believes there are a few reasons to be optimistic. the european crisis is signaling on its i don't see a near term solution we have austerity programs almost everywhere except in the.
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countries these austerity measures fiscal policies have a very serious. negative effect on goals and we expect the you are goals next year to be negative and together with the stroller now in china which is suffering from the exports which are doing not doing so well anymore plus. the housing sector. the overall picture for the world economy is not supposed to be any more this is obviously negative for commodity prices and therefore also for for russia. that's a look at the markets oil is still trading near a one week low often unexpected gain in the u.s. purge inventory stockpiles in the u.s. increased by one point three million barrels last week zero point four costs to decline by almost the same amount investors speculate growing inventories indicate demand will falter in the world's biggest consumer of the commodity. and asian
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stocks a losing ground as investors are selling shares ahead of the key meeting in the euro markets trading of the region have been volatile and choppy this week and that's immediate reports on both the europe can come up with a strong solution to the debt crisis banks offer to take the hit h.s.b.c. is of a one percent down in hong kong and a weak a dollar is weighing on comic this master is dropping one and a half a cent in japan. and finally here in most of the markets ahoy trade both my eyes it's on the r.t.s. the gaining more than half a percent so you can see from the graphic well that soft a russian at which is moved sideways and wednesday that soft posting have to correction in the week more for been stolen from metrical says hopes of a positive e.u. resolution at the end of the week should see stocks bonds the markets remember looking at is. the reports over the any successful measures agreed up on in the
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european sovereign and i think there's a growing edge with asia that there will be concrete steps are measures announced as a result of this summit so the market is certainly going to be taking clues from that and but i think at the same time i think the markets are really gearing up to go higher as they saw or a slight correction earlier in the week and i think now they really want to move. and to car news now troubled russian or giant gas insists it still has a bright future despite turning half of its capacity over to foreign money the trust off to killing off its unloved supermoto the props plans small now make vehicles for folks dog and g.m. the same as bells and china's a w it's called claims that gases from maine in trucks and fans will also be phased out but the company's goals for anderson told archie the gal's brand will stay on will it expand abroad. to stream be important for us to develop our own products or
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. i would say mid-term exam because if it's here we will show produce what we do today so i would say on the five thousand vehicles there is nothing saying that we couldn't export twenty five percent of what we produce ago and that means with the bulk of it to go to europe i would love to say i create new jobs but i'm realistic by these new projects we can guarantee with jobs for the people we have. ok that's it for najaf today for you can find more stories online at archie dot com slash business or join me for another business update and less than fifteen minutes.
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i think the agents hope for many years in a soviet system which faded away in less than twenty four hours as bell of s.k. a push up coupled with book we acted in a true russian style we didn't know exactly what the future would bring that were to think about later the three leaders come together and sign an agreement dissolving the u.s.s.r. for good jobs to get rid of the so called big brother that was always controlling them was the dream of many republics of the world. but when the always of the
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people they put it like this i will liberate you from the kremlin oppression no one wants to take the blame with me you'd not be able to persuade gorbachev and besides his word could not be relied upon i mean he could show you anything and do something completely different i can forgive myself you know for me to limit. and in the sand boris yeltsin where i should have that was my mistake. this is the decisive in strict boris yeltsin that sucks in the kremlin instead of good stuff about time. then i don't think we'd have left elevator forest soaries. decades have passed but the discussion still rages was this a plot or a fait accompli.


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